Hotel Noum Osaka is currently recruiting new staff.
We believe that the hotel staff are just as important as the space itself in creating a comfortable stay and experience for our local and international guests at Hotel Noum. We are therefore looking for bright and enthusiastic individuals who are keen to work as part of a new team in creating that experience.

Recruitment Type


Reception work centers around managing bookings and smartly and attentively taking care of the needs of guests. Roles include booking system management, checking-in/out guests, assisting guests in regards to the hotel, the cafe/lounge and all other guest inquiries. Reception can also include housekeeping and room checking roles.

Requirements - English proficiency above conversational; other language skills a plus.


Maintenance work focuses around housekeeping; hotel maintenance and cleaning; and taking care of the hotel flora, all at a presentable standard to keep our guests comfortable. Maintenance staff will work as part of a 3-5 team and we are therefore looking for individuals who work well as part of a team and are good at communication.
Plant knowledge is preferential.


Working in the cafe is all about providing high quality coffee to our guests and outside visitors. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about coffee and who can communicate well. Cafe staff will offer support to our breakfast and kitchen teams when needed, and will take care of all matters surrounding the cafe.

Requirements - Experience with an espresso machine.


The Kitchen team’s main responsibility is to serve good quality, high standard breakfasts in the morning. They will also help the cafe team during cafe hours, aiding in serving light meals and sweets, as well as assisting the barista in other cafe responsibilities such as serving guests and outside visitors.

Requirements - 1 year experience in a restaurant kitchen.

Employment Conditions

Employment type Part time (with advancement to full time possible / students ok)
Location Hotel Noum Osaka (4-1-18 Tenma, Kitaku, Osaka 530-0043)
Wage starting from 1,085JPY (training period included / raise possible)
Working Hours all shift work from 2 days a week