A breeze rustles the curtains
Morning sunshine aplenty
Open wide blue skies

Here, the voices of nature that create for us each morning are undisturbed in reaching you.

Hotel Noum

A place in the heart of a great city, where you can feel the comfort and rejuvenation of green fields. Where you can breath deeply, freely.


Hand made spaces

The rooms at Noum have been made with materials and colors that offer a certain warmth, and a minimalistic design providing the essentials for a good stay. The rooms range between Single, Twin, Double, King Double, and each room has unique artworks and plants especially suited to each.



A good day begins with a good breakfast.

Those cafe morning moments of serene abundant sunshine.
At Noum, fulfilling breakfasts (07:00-11:00) are offered complimentary to all our staying guests. Choose from our specially designed 7 dish menu, ranging from fresh fruit granola, to our fulfilling full breakfast.


Relaxing moments, staring into the green.

The 1st floor cafe lounge is open to all guests and visitors.
Enjoy the space with all day takeout coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.




ADDRESS 4-1-18, Tenma, Osaka KitaKu, Osaka, 530-0043, Japan
TEL +816-6940-0882
MAIL noum.osaka@no-um.jp


[Tenmabashi Station] 6-minute walk
[Osakatemmangu Station] 9-minute walk
[Minami-Morimachi Station] 11-minute walk


We are currently recruiting at Noum.
To apply, please read our recruitment guidelines,
download and fill out the application form and send it to the email address listed below.